Mindless Existence

Sometimes. All I want in life is a push to do what I always wanted to, but I don’t because I fear the consequences. Sometimes. Letting go of your knowledge and embracing mindfulness is tough. Sometimes. All you can think of is escape and then i think to myself what I could have done to…

Maa. Mother. Giver.

Tere lams mein khayal-e-tawajjo Teri aankhon ki masumiyat Teri awaz mein woh rehmat O ma, tere se azeem koi nahi Teri zindagi hai ek misaal Fitrat-e-sukoon Teri muhabbat mein hai farhat O ma, tere se azeem koi nahi Teri hansi mein won pakeezgi Tere gusse mein fikr Teri dichasp khaasiyatein O ma, tere se azeem…

10 Step Korean Skincare routine + Ayurvedic tips

In the ancient times, Koreans used plant extracts and different oils in the same routine. Something that surprised me was that OIL happens to be an extremely important ingredient for your daily skin care, irrespective of the kind of skin you have. This concept is similar to Ayurveda and Persian Skincare regimes, where there is heavy use of almond oil and coconut oil.

Fear, Religion & Spirituality

Have you ever thought what truly makes you happy? For the longest time, I have been living with a fear. Fear of losing my loved ones and ending up alone. This fear can make you feel cold inside, kill you softly and slowly. Fear takes over your mind. It takes over your body and you…


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I wish I could show you